Friday, July 2, 2010

Independence Day Bunting

Are you ready for your Independence Day celebration?  If you need  a quick idea for a decoration.  Here is unique bunting you can put together in under an hour; less if you have sewing experience. 

Start with a fat quarter,  Fold in in half, long sides together.  Mark one long side every five inches starting from the end.  Mark the other long side every five inches starting two and a half inches from the end.  Using a straight edge cut diagonally from point to point.  This will give you triangles. Do not cut the triangles apart at the top.  Keep triangles in pairs making sure the wrong sides are together. 

Sew small rick rack around the bottom two edges of one side of four of the triangle pairs.  Sew zigzag stitch in contrasting color around the bottom edges of the other tree triangle pairs.  Sew tops of triangles to jumbo rick-rack.  Sew jumbo rick-rack at each end to form a small loop for hanging. Sew stars in desired locations. Ta-da instant party. 

Your friends will think you are amazingly talented.  "She's so creative." they'll say.  Remember to smile.  You don't have to tell anyone how easy it was.

The Love the Red, White and Blue  Genius kit has the fabric rick-rack and stars to create this bunting. Check it out at the Craftology Studio Shop.

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